Het Spinnetje (little spider) is about to go down forever. This one is on the Leidsegracht and with all the tourist canal boats constantly going by and making lots of waves, a lot of bootjes are suffering. Don’t put your bootje in the Leidsegracht is what I say.


I really like the colors on this one: the bright red and yellow against the grey canal water. This bootje is going down in a somewhat weird manner, it’s going nose down, while usually a bootje fills up slowly and evenly.

where: Admiralengracht

Now what is a Sea Bike doing in the Admiralengracht. And who is this guy kidding? Don’t think this baby is very seaworthy.

Hugo writes:
Leuke website, dat gezonken bootje. Het is inderdaad opmerkelijk hoeveel gezonken spul er hier soms ligt, vooral in het vroege voorjaar. Ik heb er ook veel foto’s van.
Zoals bijgaande. Onder het motto: ‘ondergegaan, plaats vergaan’ bijgaand een zoekplaatje gemaakt aan de Schollenbrugstraat. Hier is de ligplaats van een gezonken bootje ingenomen door een andere schuit. Als je goed kijkt kun je op deze foto het andere bootje onderwater zien liggen. Lijkt me de categorie Beyond Hope. Wel een efficiĆ«nte manier om de schaarse kaderuimte hier in de stad optimaal te benutten.

We received this letter from Paul:

Hi there,

I have been in A’dam for a year now and am just about ready to pick up a canal boat. I hear there are auctions put on by the city of Amsterdam to sell off the sunken boats that have been retrieved from the bottom of the canal? I was wondering if this were true, and if so, would you please direct me to where I can get more info about such an auction?

Thanks so much,


The City of Amsterdam is cracking down on people who don’t pay their bootje-taxes (binnenhavengeld). If they spot your bootje without the compulsory sticker, they will tow your boat away and it will end up right here. Supposedly you can pick up great bargains at these auctions, I am curious to know if that is indeed the case.

You can find out more about towed bootjes here

This is what your typical Amsterdam bike looks like after spending some time in our great canals.

where: Herengracht @ Vijzelstraat

I kinda like the stillness of the water in this one, gives a nice mirror effect.

where: Bloemgracht