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Sooner or later, it had to happen: the sinking of the SS Gezonken Bootje. And if ever a bit of schadenfreude crept into this blog, from now on: no more! Now I know how devilishly easy it is to let your bootje go under.



More Gezonken Bootjes on their way to the end. The yellow one looks very salvageable to me, but alas, once picked up by Binnenwaterbeheer it’s gone forever for these Gezonken Bootjes. See also parts I en II.

where: Herengracht @ Reguliersgracht

Binnenwaterbeheer taking away a few Gezonken Bootjes. See also part I

where: Herengracht @ Reguliersgracht

I am off for vacation, so to pass the coming weeks, a few great pictures I took this winter. Many people wonder: what happens to all those Gezonken Bootjes featured on this site. Well, once in a while, the agency responsible for the canals of Amsterdam, called Binnenwaterbeheer, lifts all wrecks, takes them to a secret location and destroys them. One day I caught Binnenwaterbeheer in the act of removing some fine gezonken bootjes. What a shame. This is Part I, more to follow in the coming weeks.

The orange ship is Binnenwaterbeheer, just behind it the barge the gezonken bootjes get dumped into

where: Herengracht @ Reguliersgracht

Binnenwaterbeheer Amsterdam, the agency that wants to rid Amsterdam of sunken boats, has published it’s monthly (or so) list of wrecks. Some of them are featured here. Boat owners get untill July 11 to rescue their gezonken bootje. If not: it’s the scrapyard for them.

The coast of the Atlantic in the Western Sahara, in the LaĆ¢youne-Boujdour region, is littered with beautiful rusting shipwrecks like these. Nobody has any inclination to get rid of them.

where: Western Sahara, near Tarfaya

This note was attached to a cruiser on the westerkade

Dear boat owner,

This boat is now on the mooring place of my sloop (see car tire). My boat is temporarily sunken but is really still here (see chain). So he your boat is on top of my sloop. I would like to hoist my boat out of the water this saturday and put it back in its place. Could you moor your boat somewhere else by that time?

Thanks and greetings

where: westerkade (see it on a map)

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