Sooner or later, it had to happen: the sinking of the SS Gezonken Bootje. And if ever a bit of schadenfreude crept into this blog, from now on: no more! Now I know how devilishly easy it is to let your bootje go under.

Here is what happened: I’d been having problems with my outboard motor for a long time. It’s quite an old one (from the seventies) and it’s been working on and off. On a nice Saturday afternoon about a month ago I took my bootje for a spin and what do you know: just before a notoriously busy canal-crossing in Amsterdam (at the Prinsengracht and the Leidsegracht) my outboard decided to quit. Man, did I freak out. And no matter how hard I tried; I couldn’t get the thing to work again. So, extremely frustrated, I decided to leave the bloody thing right there. Then, I didn’t look at it for a week or so. Didn’t cover it up with a tarpaulin and then we got those downpours last week. I returned this week to check on good ole bootje and whaddayaknow: gone forever.

Not really forever I hope. I asked the good folks over at HoosJeBootje to rescue my little darling. To be continued…

PS: My outboard motor is definitely finished, so if there’s a Gezonken Bootje fan out there that’s got a good one for sale, please let me know



where: Prinsengracht @ Leidsegracht