October 2006

Some sort of weird mini rainforest on the Prinsengracht

where: Prinsengracht @ Looiersgracht


Sooner or later, it had to happen: the sinking of the SS Gezonken Bootje. And if ever a bit of schadenfreude crept into this blog, from now on: no more! Now I know how devilishly easy it is to let your bootje go under.


A few ducks are happily sunbathing on this almost swamped boat. Although it has a  tarpaulin trying to keep out the rainwater, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one went under pretty soon.

This one is almost filled to the brim with rainwater. It’s been raining a lot lately in Amsterdam. A couple of showers more, and it’s bye-bye for this one.

where: Prinsengracht @ Leidsegracht