June 2006

Somehow, almost every picture on this blog seems to feature either a coot or a duck, but this one has both.

where: Oudezijds Achterburgwal @ Oude Hoogstraat


The good folks over at HoosJeBootje send us this picture. HoosJeBootje is the company you call if your boat is featured on this site. No ‘gezonken bootje’, not even those that are gone forever, they can’t get up and running again.
Anyway, Sander of HoosJeBootje, says of this picture: “The wooden boat “De Swaen” crashed on a sunny afternoon, two weeks ago on the Prinsengracht. The complete bow cracked and it had a hole in it thru which a person could swim in… We lifted it and transported it to a shipyard.”

where: Prinsengracht

What I like about this boat is that it somehow keeps struggling to stay afloat, if only a tiny piece of it’s bow.

where: Leliegracht between the Herengracht & the Keizersgracht

Looks like a polyester boat, which supposedly almost never sink. The only thing floating on this thing is that pallet, which under normal circumstances is used to keep your feet dry.

where: Keizersgracht @ the Wolvenstraat

What better use for an old surfboard than to house a few endangered city ducks

where: Lijnbaansgracht

This note was attached to a cruiser on the westerkade

Dear boat owner,

This boat is now on the mooring place of my sloop (see car tire). My boat is temporarily sunken but is really still here (see chain). So he your boat is on top of my sloop. I would like to hoist my boat out of the water this saturday and put it back in its place. Could you moor your boat somewhere else by that time?

Thanks and greetings

where: westerkade (see it on a map)

This is not really a "gezonken bootje" of course, it's still floating, but whether it will one day sail again, that I doubt.

If you look closely you'll see a little note attached to the top of the white cabin. Of course I was very curious as to what the note said. I imagined an angry neighbor telling the owner to move this piece of shit somewhere else.

What did the note say?

You'll have to wait till tomorrow…

where: Westerkade (see it on a map)

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